Monday, January 26, 2009

New Year - New blog

Hey gang - I hope you will follow me over to my new blog it's at HeyMamaRockMe.  This is where I will be blogging now.  I blogged today, check it out, save it to your blog and leave me some love.  Thanks! 


Monday, December 8, 2008

Newest member of the Family

Introducing Willie B. - the B is short for Bandit (as in our softball team name) - He came with Willie as his first name, which fits rather well with all the e sounds we have going on in our family.  I think I should start going by Cari, I tried in high school but it didn't last long.  haha!

He's 17 months old, the same age as Good Time.  He is very good with the kids as you can see.  We have had him since Saturday and he has not even barked once, which I kind of wish he would so I could hear is voice.  He does snore and make a cute noise when he's being scratched and pet.  

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Surgery for my Sassy girl

Please keep us in your prayers as we get prepared for Sassy's surgery.  It was decided yesterday at the ENT that she will need to have her tonsils and adenoids removed and possibly have another set of tubes in her ears.  One of her ear drums is retracted and has fluid so he is going to review her records from the pediatrician.    Her tonsils are so big that as the doctor put it "almost kissing".  They are very large.  We are thankful that Copehagen man is employed with the school district and has insurance.  But the co-pays for surgery and the deductible are still not pleasant, especially here at Christmas time.  It will be on the 16th in Arlington.  She will have to be out of school for the rest of that week and lots of other things she cannot do for 3 weeks.  I still have my tonsils and do not personally know of anyone in my family that has had them out.  

Please also pray for my friend Stef's pregnancy and childbirth.  She is due next week and will find out more about the birth of her first child on Monday.  

Thank you!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Ranch quick trip

Our quick trip to the Ranch on Saturday.  We took the boys to fill up the feeders with corn for the deer.  We are going back this weekend with Sassy and Goodtime while Fireball is with his Grandmother.  Sassy and Copenhagen Man are waking up earlier on Saturday morning to see if they can see some Deer and shoot one if they are lucky.   It would be great to have meat for the winter stocked.    This was our Frugal Fun Saturday day, all it cost us was gas.  

This is the view we see when we open the gate, these Llama's live on the property to the left of the ranch.

Here I am driving on the Ranch.  Woo Hoo! 

Rock Me Momma and Her Boys waiting for Copenhagen Man
Copenhagen Man and Fireball looking at the Oats He planted for the Deer.

Going to fill up the feeders...... 

Tired Fireball

Rock Me Mama and GoodTime

Monday, November 24, 2008

Family Portraits - Some of my Favorites

Thursday, November 20, 2008

CVS trip

Well I had 10 ECB's that were going to expire today if I didn't use them.  I couldn't let that happen, that's like 10 free dollars.  

I bought

 Zantrex-3 energy shot 4.99 = get 4.99 ECB back = free
Mega Pack Huggies baby wipes = 7.99 = get 2 ECB back 
Total 12.98 plus tax
Minus 10 ECBs 
equals 2.98 plus tax out of pocket
Recieved 4.99+2 ECBs back = 6.99 to spend later
A loss of 3.01 but I purchased baby wipes which we always need.....

This weekend

I am going to be very busy this weekend..... and the only person to blame is myself...... haha

Friday night thru Saturday afternoon - Ladies Retreat with Oak Grove Baptist Church - my mom is going with me too.

Saturday night - My Birthday dinner with Family

Sunday Morning - Church

Sunday afternoon - Naps 

Sunday late afternoon - Pictures at Sears with the Stinson 5,  It has been over a year since we had a family portrait taken.

So I might not be on too much.  But hopefully will be refreshed!